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Business in Lancashire

Lancashire is basically an English country located in the North Western part of the UK. The population of this county is around 1,449,700 people and it features a very huge coast close to the Irish Sea.

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The date of formation of Lancashire is not surely known. The borders of this English county include the counties of Yorkshire and Cheshire. Historically speaking, Lancashire in UK is considered one of the best places for different businesses to thrive and gain huge profits.

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Blackburn and Burnley

The county boasts of housing many mill towns and is the source of around 80% cotton manufactured across Britain. Some of the most important cities of this county include Blackpool,

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The Used Car Business in Lancashire

Lancashire is probably one of the largest counties in the UK because of its large cities and its population. This also means that Lancashire has the largest used car regions because of the huge population residing in this county. There are many used car firms operating in Lancashire selling used cars of different varieties. These include Mercedes, Jaguar and BMW. Used car companies in Lancashire offer different varieties of cars of different ages at reasonable prices allowing customers to have large choice when it comes to buying a used car. Most businesses throughout this county offer good prices on the used cars that they deal in.

Increased Use of Internet for Getting Used Cars

Because of the arrival of different businesses that make use of the internet for advertising their services, it does not come as a surprise that the used car business in Lancashire has taken the same route. There are many used car businesses throughout Lancashire that have made it very easy and quick for the customers to use their services via the internet. The customers simply need to type their requirements and select the model and the age of the car that they look forward to purchase. It has been found that the increased use of the internet by the used car companies in Lancashire has helped the companies in getting more customers.

This is because, more and more people these days are making use of the internet and the internet has become of the most important aspects of an individual’s life.


With major developments taking place throughout Lancashire, more used car companies are likely to show up in the years to come providing more choices to the interested customers.…

A Lancashire Business Growth Fund has been created in attempt to try and urge businesses in Lancashire to bid for a share!  This fund has been launched by Lancashire’s two accredited chambers of commerce; East Lancashire Chamber of Commerce and North and Western Lancashire Chamber of Commerce in partnership with Regenerate Pennine Lancashire. Growth Lancashire has an application proces below:

Application for Lancashire Business Growth Fund

The pot holds £8m and the key goal of the fund is to try and create more jobs, not just in Lancashire but around the country too.  If enough Lancashire businesses bid for a share of the fund, it is predicted to not only safeguard 200 jobs, but create around 600 jobs.  The aim is to encourage businesses to bring forward growth projects on a larger scale with a bigger impact which will lead to the creation of more jobs.

Politician Nick Clegg said: “After decades of regional economies being neglected I set about investing directly in local businesses via the Regional Growth Fund. This investment has allowed regional businesses to be more ambitious than ever before and gone a long way in creating a stronger economy”.

Examples of Funding Uses

Some examples of what the Lancashire Business Growth Fund can help with are building expansions, infrastructure improvement, machinery acquisition, property acquisition and property improvement.


To be eligible for a share of the fund, companies must be Lancashire based (or moving to the area), operating on a business to business basis and be planning to expand and create more jobs within twelve months of project completion.  Lancashire businesses bidding for grants can also claim up to 20% on the total project costs.  There is also a minimum grant funding of £10,000.00 (depending on total project cost).  Lancashire businesses will also be required to demonstrate how the project will create jobs and how many will be created.

Chief Executive Quote

Chief executive Michael Damms added: “This is excellent news and welcome recognition by government of the value, capability and potential of Lancashire’s industry.”

“It will allow eligible businesses with ambition to grow to unlock and bring forward investment in machinery and premises that will help create jobs and add to the nation’s wealth. Grants, typically ranging from £10,000 to £1m of up to 20 per cent of total project costs will be available during 2015/16 and 2016/17.”

Further Lancashire news:

For more please visit: www.growthlancashire.co.uk

Nowadays, there are more and more people throughout the UK looking for some good business opportunities that can help them in the form of a lucrative deal or second income. However, there is great difference in actually owning a business and stepping out there and making this happen. It is quite appealing to work on the idea of getting some home assignments and completing them for gaining huge income. Nevertheless, the internet serves as one big place for scams as well. Therefore, it becomes very important for individuals to check the legitimacy of businesses in Lancashire prior to making up their minds on working with the businesses.

How to Check the Credentials of Businesses in Lancashire?

Clearly speaking, any business that is ethical, genuine and legitimate should have the ability of standing up when scrutinized. When checking the legitimacy of businesses in Lancashire, it is necessary for you to have a good look around and also within the different businesses. Try meeting people behind the scenes and make yourself comfortable with the different aspects of businesses. This will help you in making the right decision.

Check the Originality of the Website Owned by a Company or Business

The very first thing that you need to do is check the originality of the website owned by a company or a business. Make sure that the website is genuine and in no ways a spin-off without any real information available regarding people owning the business. Check for an original contact address and contact number on the website. This will help you in having a chat with professionals representing the business. Once you are done with checking the originality of the business website and other information available on the website, it is time for you to check put the products and their quality.

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Check Reviews

Checking the reviews of the products available on the website will help you in getting an idea about the service quality offered by a company. Customer reviews on different products will help you in judging the products and in making good decisions. The reviews of the customers about the company will also help you in knowing about the experience that the company possesses in the field of offering specific products and services to its clients.

There is definitely no scarcity of courier companies across the United Kingdom. You do not need to go very far prior to seeing a courier van in your town or on the motorway. You can also find a large number of courier companies in Lancashire, UK. The courier companies in Lancashire offer one basic service and that is getting consignments, parcels of packages from one location to another. Nevertheless, there are courier companies in Lancashire that offer different services for meeting the demands of their clients. Some of the most exclusive services offered by courier companies in Lancashire include:

International Courier

This type of service is all about offering customers a solution of getting their parcels or packages transported from one country to another irrespective of whether the transportation requirements are by sea or by air. These services can also be availed in varied disguises like Standard International Courier Service and International Express Courier Service. The Standard International Courier Service will take 5 to 7 days to transport packages from one country to another while the International Express Service will transport the packages the next day.

Same Day express Courier

There are many people who need to send their parcels or packages at the last minute or want them to reach the recipients the same day. It is only because of this reason that courier companies in Lancashire offer same day courier services. Such services come in varied disguises like Express Courier, Bike Courier and Same Day Courier. However, all of them offer the same services. They get the packages of the clients to their destinations on the same day the packages are sent. Law firms in Lancashire take these services on a very wide scale.

Overnight Courier

There are some courier companies in Lancashire that deal in urgent deliveries throughout the UK. These services are for people who need overnight couriers. These couriers are generally transported during early morning or dark hours and guarantee getting the packages of the customers to their destination prior to the designated time the following day.

Standard Courier

Standard courier services in Lancashire would serve as the best option for people who have time constraints on their deliveries. These courier services are cost efficient and they take around 2 to 3 days to transfer the couriers to their specified places.


So, now you know about the exclusive courier services offered by courier companies in Lancashire. This will help you in knowing what you can expect from the courier companies when it comes to delivering urgent parcels anywhere in the UK or even outside the UK.

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